The Benefit of using info-graphics

The Benefit of using info-graphics

This blog has been created to look at the effectiveness and advantages of using info-graphics as a form of enhancing your marketing strategy.

An info-graphic is not just a way to present information, data, and knowledge in a visual manner, but they also do a great job at building brand awareness and getting a specific message across.

Consumers do not want to read a lot of information and it is a fact that the majority of people absorb information better if it is presented in a visual manner. The hopeful result will see both an increase in customer engagement and the traffic going to the website.

So, when it comes to communicating out to your user base about the benefits and savings that Rewards can provide, try to consider this by putting these savings into real life terms. Using the Office for National Statistics we can get a snapshot into average household spends on grocery shopping, eating and dining out, electrical purchases and so on.

When we are thinking about this and constructing promotional campaigns, opposed to just advising what benefit a certain retailer can provide, tell your employee’s exactly what this amounts too monthly and yearly using these average spends, it should pack a punch when read and have maximum high impact.

Another good idea is to provide the html codes and online e-codes to retailers who perhaps have massive sales on, this is great for the time of year that we are now about to enter with both Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching. This is great click bait because your message will benefit from content that is engaging and is helping to promote what is available on the site for seasonal and everyday savings.

The benefits of using info-graphic email campaigns are numerous and as a business and employer, you should really consider adding it to your existing marketing strategy and content. It will get your employee’s wanting to see what email message from you is next and will ultimately save them money and see more loyalty to you as a company.

Remus Rewards

Remus Rewards, a division of People Value Limited, is an REC, FCSA and APSCo Business Partner, a TEAM Service Provider and a market leading provider of reward and loyalty solutions. We specialise in providing solutions to the contractor and temporary labour market across the UK. By using our cloud based reward technology, businesses can improve their proposition, performance and increase engagement, morale and loyalty. Take advantage of savings on high street shopping, including 7 major supermarkets, eating out, special rate cinema tickets, discounted gym memberships and our Fuel Card which offers discounted fuel at over 35% of the UK motorway service stations.