Tax Rebate Review…

Tax Rebate Review…

As a benefit and perk provided through contracting with either Outsause or Driver Hire Contracting, a free tax code review service is provided through leading tax code experts, ‘The Tax Refund Company’.

More than 1 in 3 employees in the UK have been given a wrong tax code by HM Revenue (HMRC) in the last 4 years and paid too much income tax as a result. HMRC rules make it your responsibility to check that the code they have given to you is the correct one. Unfortunately, if it’s wrong, it is up to you to get it corrected.

However, HMRC do give you 4 years to point out any mistakes and get your money back off them and this is where The Tax Refund Company can help given the reality of how confusing tax can be.

One such example I wanted to share is Alan’s from Belfast. Alan contacted The Tax Refund Company after receiving one of our recent emails offering a professional tax code review. Over the last 4 years Alan had worked for several different employers and had a couple of periods where he claimed Job Seekers Allowance. As a result, he’d been issued with several different tax codes which had caused him to pay too much. Alan wasn’t actually able to provide The Tax Refund Company with everything they asked, but The Tax Refund Company were able to work with HMRC to secure the information they needed. As a result, Alan has received a tax refund of £447.11! When he applied for his review, Alan had no idea he had paid too much tax.

This really does highlight the need to check your tax codes. It’s especially important you do this if there have been any gaps in your employment or you have worked for more than one employer. We are therefore pleased that all Outsauce & DH Contracting customers can now benefit from this service on the following link –

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