Sport & Rewards This Summer…

Sport & Rewards This Summer…

In this blog we’re going to look at some of the ways you can take advantage of the many sporting events coming up this summer. There are some major events happening this season, which will allow you to send communications and promote your benefits scheme around what’s going on. Some of the key events include EURO 2016, Wimbledon, The British Grand Prix, and of course the Olympics. This represents a fantastic opportunity towards helping to drive engagement with your site.

Big sporting occasions are now predominantly viewed in the comfort of our own homes, so think about messaging any discounts that could help people save money when doing this. The thing that immediately comes to mind here when watching sport in our own homes is a TV. With the UK’s most well-known electrical retailer on the site, this will help your employees who are considering purchasing the latest HD SMART TV. Also take into consideration those who choose to make viewing these events as a more social environment with friends and family, and look at thinking about communicating offers that promote this, such as buying new BBQ equipment and garden ware for example, for those who wish to make the most of the hopefully good weather, but still not miss out on seeing these sporting occasions.

One thing that goes hand in hand with watching sport is food and refreshments. People will generally buy this beforehand, so they can watch the events with minimum fuss. It is therefore worth thinking, what you have in your scheme that could support this. Considering some of the huge supermarkets and grocery stores available on the site, that is a good place to start. In addition to the savings that can be made by using your benefits site, many supermarkets are already running their own sport & summer campaigns, so try to highlight this fact as it will help them with saving more money. For those who are busier or want to see what they feel like on the day, then we can cater to that also, with the takeaway discounts available to let the employees relax and save whilst enjoying their sporting experience.

Finally, for those more adventurous who may be planning on making the journey to watch events either in the UK or abroad, then make employees aware that once again your benefits site can help with travel deals designed to let them save money on both national and international travel. It’s also worth noting, that there may be employee’s leaving it late to book their summer breaks, and you can then encourage them to get online and explore the deals that will help with their plans, be it to take in the sporting events that this summer has to offer or for a family holiday.

In conclusion, whilst I’m sure that there are other messages that can be used in addition to Sport & Rewards this summer that you can communicate, the above are simple and should relate with most employees, and ultimately see them logging in, spending and saving!

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