SA7 is coming soon…

SA7 is coming soon…

We are pleased to announce that the Advantage Rewards platform will be upgraded and improved to the new SA7 model with effect from July.
It will mean a quicker, easier and more efficient way to search for the best savings and discounts that the biggest brands have to offer.

Some of the key new features and benefits include:

• Video Tutorial within the set up wizard to help guide the end user.

• Introduction of E-Codes now available. Simply produce the code when paying to help you save even more.

• Easier to locate and filter content.

• Certain offers and promotions will be highlighted on changeable panels, meaning that the site can really be tailored to the season and more adaptable to upcoming events and features.

• All re-loadable cards with Remus Rewards are now FREE, but to get started new cards require a minimum load of £10. This will hopefully ensure a more considered approach and see even greater engagement levels present on the site, with employees ordering cards they have a real intention of using.

• By the end of this year, there will an all new local events feature to help locate and promote not just the best deals and savings close to an employee’s address, but also things that are happening close by.

The biggest plus for me, is the introduction of E-Codes which are a fantastic addition & this is a key selling point, and adds a strength to the scheme that was perhaps missing. E-Codes allow for a much more ‘impromptu’ approach which should boost both internal staff & worker’s usage of Rewards.

Overall all these changes and upcoming improvements are a big plus and a real positive step forwards, so remember to keep with regular communications and contact, which are key for garnering interest and attention in the product, and to use as an engagement tool to get employee’s online, spending and saving.

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