Take contractor engagement to the next level

How we can help…

Flexibility is at the heart of our offer. That’s why, whether accessed individually or in combinations, our products are designed to complement each other, integrate with your existing products and accommodate tailoring to more accurately meet your needs and those of your many different employees.

Whatever options or combinations you choose, rest assured that each and every one of our products has been built, tested and evolved to help you:

Grow your business

Improve contractor loyalty

Strengthen employee relations

Reduce contractor churn

Increase brand advocacy

Create a culture of wellbeing


Benefits Delivery

Advantage is our contractor benefits delivery solution. Covering everything from discounted contractor shopping at leading UK retailers, special rate cinema tickets to a range of community features to lift service engagement levels, Advantage also allows you to link out to existing contractor benefits. 

Advantage offers:

Access to thousands of everyday retail discounts and offers with best-in-class rates to enhance a contractor's levels of financial wellbeing

Ease of use to ensure that your contractors can and will make the most of what’s on offer

Inbuilt and fully modular community features introduce a bit of fun into the engagement mix. Fun, but with a solid business premise. It helps provide a more comprehensive and rounded service to strengthen the ROI

the Zone

Health and Wellbeing

The Zone is a package of self-assessment tools and improvement plans designed to enhance the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of your contractors.

The Zone offers:

A contractor wellbeing platform designed to encourage contractors to be healthier and more energised

Access to tips, tests and resources designed to enhance levels of financial, emotional and physical wellbeing across your contractor community

The flexibility to include any existing wellbeing content you may already offer

The tools you need to carry out your duty of care and provide the best possible working environment for your contractors.

Contractor Discounted Fuel Card

Benefits Delivery

BP Plus Fuel Card guarantees low prices by giving contractors access to the wholesale price for unleaded and diesel fuel at all BP service stations across the UK. This means that when contractors pay for fuel using the BP Plus Fuel Card, they are charged a weekly fixed rate, rather than the price per litre displayed at the fuel station.

BP Plus Fuel Card offers:

Fill-up and pay for fuel using Fuel Card – paying discounted rate advised, NOT the rates shown at the pumps

Weekly cycle with savings typically of 2-3p/litre against BP forecourt prices, up to 20p/litre at motorway BP fuel stations

Unique Fuel Card for savings on standard diesel/unleaded at C1,200 BP fuel stations (inc BP motorway fuel stations) across the UK

Weekly discounted price for diesel/unleaded advised via email