January 2017 and Rewards…

January 2017 and Rewards…

Well 2017 is here and already in full swing with President Elect Donald Trump days away from being sworn into one of the most powerful positions on the planet, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the examples and themes people tend to experience at this time of the year.

A couple of themes instantly stand out for January, such as people wanting to watch both their wallets after an expensive Christmas and those looking to make the most of the January sales, or those heath conscience after festive indulgence and following the “New Year, New Me” mantra and approach. The important thing here is to keep key the initiatives that can be offered, hopefully creating happy and engaged employees who help deliver value to your business.

Let’s be honest, harnessing typical employee feelings associated with January can be tricky, people are on the come down after time off with their family and friends over Christmas and New Year, and the year ahead can seem like an empty vacuum, so the message be delivered needs to thoughtful and positive.

Firstly, for those watching the pennies can be enticed to log-in by simply messaging that employees can save money by using your employer discounts site, whether this is for day to day spending or for one off use at the weekend. For example, saving money on grocery shopping at pretty much every major supermarket that is available through rewards, eating out and restaurant savings and trips to the cinema. All of these are a welcome relief when January seems to drag on forever before payday at the end of the month and a very simple message to send to your workforce.

Many savings that are made via reward scheme can be used in conjunction with instore and online sales and promotions, now given that there are online discounts, e-codes, and re-loadable cards available to make the most of this and the January sales that will be taking place over the course of the month. Bagging a bargain sounds even better when your employees are getting additional savings on top. This is another simple way of messaging the positives to help with a constant that most employees will be interested in or at the very least aware off.

Finally concerning the approach to health and well being, you can leverage this theme also to employees that will be focused towards their health and well being goals for 2017. Within the Health & Well being portal you can tap into the desires of your employees to be happier and healthier by reminding them of the tools you’ve made available to help make it happen. Well being in general is a huge focus for employers and employees alike, so use this function to both of your advantages to show that you have their best interests at heart, and help to promote your business as one that demonstrates empathy in the workplace.

In conclusion, it’s not just about having the reward platform and tools for your employees, it’s about how well you communicate them and making it timely for maximum impact which in turn drives traffic and usage to your scheme and a return on your investment in setting it up. The three examples above show how you can take a certain month and promote specific themes and feelings that people are likely to experience at that time. If you look forwards to the rest of 2017 and see what key dates and events are coming up, you can then apply this throughout the year and you will have some good messages to help engage your employees.

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