It’s a lifestyle, not just a job!

It’s a lifestyle, not just a job!

Attracting and retaining skilled teachers is a common problem facing most head teachers in today’s education environment. With increasing pressures from authorities at local and national level, growing scrutiny from parents, coupled with the government’s academy policy, it is becoming ever more difficult for schools to retain top talent.

Being a teacher is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle that means teachers often leave early in the morning and return home 10-12 hours later with yet more work to do in the evenings. This can, at certain times of the year, create conflicts with balancing a home life with a professional career, especially if teachers have young families.

Remus Rewards specialise in providing benefits and perks that focus on the professional employee. These perks can be anything from special rate cinema tickets, savings on the high street with big brands such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Debenhams etc, savings on holidays with Thomson and Thomas Cook, and discounts with over 3,000 health clubs and gyms nationwide.

What are the rewards on offer? These can be anything that helps to enrich your proposition and provide added value to your employees. Perks can be used to promote a healthier lifestyle such as discounted gym membership. Other features such as discounted shopping and holidays provides the sense that you as their employer, wish to promote a healthier financial lifestyle to your employees and supplement their salary with an array of discounts.

All of these features can be of a real benefit to teachers and school officials, especially as they are faced with having to pay a premium for travel and leisure breaks during school holidays. With Remus Rewards teachers and school officials can, by using our scheme, save over a thousand pounds per year. Such a scheme can be a valuable asset for schools in retaining and attracting top talent.

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