Importance of employee recognition

Importance of employee recognition

Importance of employee recognition

One of the biggest motivators for employees is to be held in high esteem by their peers. The best way of earning this respect is by being acknowledged for being good at what they do. At the end of the day, employee recognition isn’t just for one day a year. Employees work and efforts should be recognised every day of the week. Although, each year a day is specially dedicated to employees, this doesn’t tie down how a business should recognise their employees, this is an important part of any company’s culture.

“Employee appreciation is an essential part of human need at the workplace. Employees react positively when management shows appreciation for their good work or effort.”

For a business to be successful, employees play a key part for this to happen. If employees are effective and performing, they are productive. Productivity can then lead to more sales and bigger profits. With this in mind, it is important for employers to work on making their employees feel appreciated. With the benefits recognition offers to a business, this should be highly invested in to ensure employees are happy and achieving their targets.

Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued by others. Here are a few reasons why recognition is important for your employees:

  1. Encourages hard work
  2. Engaged
  3. Happy and positive employees
  4. Creates a positive working environment
  5. Lowers employee turnover
  6. Business reputation

A productive employee recognition program has the power to impact many aspects of a business including engagement, turnover, productivity, morale, and purpose. Whereas a non-existent, unintuitive or poorly implemented employee recognition program can have the opposite effect, decreasing motivation and even pushing good employees away

“What really matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated.”


How to recognise and appreciate employees

Happy and engaged employees would bring in not only positive energy to the workplace but also increase the company’s profit and sales. Although planning employee engagement may take weeks or even months to plan, employee recognition can happily almost immediately without having to spend anything!

Employee recognition can be done by acknowledging employee(s) in the company’s newsletter to praise them during meetings or in front of their peers. This is a great start to appreciating and recognising your employees’ achievements. Many people forget but remember the power of the words ‘Thank you’. this may only seem small, but something small may provide a bigger effect to an individual. There are other methods that you could try out and give employee recognition as part of your company culture.

Another way to show employee recognition is turning to peers. This is a brilliant way to show appreciation within a workplace. Employee peer recognition is as equally as important as it creates a positive corporate culture. By making this part of your company culture, peers can provide a very powerful impact and make the office into a workplace conductive. Recognition is a key success factor even at higher levels of management.

How to show employee appreciation

Employees are essential to business success. To get a business off the ground, it takes a team to succeed. Business owners with the most talented employees tend to have the most success. Finding and attracting the right talent takes more than good luck. The best ways to attract talent is to treat your employees well. Treat your employees like people and reward them when appropriate. Don’t just wait for Employee Appreciation Day, start today to brush up on your employee appreciation best practices than right now.

A few ways to show you appreciations for employees can be:

Gratitude over social media. Recognise employees on their birthday, services and achievements on social media platforms. This is be anything from an image of that person to a fact that not many people knew about them. Just to show that they are worthy and appreciated for their effort. This could also be an employee of the week/month post.

Team rewards. Team lunches can show appreciations from the team leaders and managers showing thanks to the work the team has completed over a period. This doesn’t have to be every week; this can be done quarterly or even every 6 months.

Extra time off. Today, time is probably one of the most valuable ways to recognise employees. This can be to having time off, time to do something other than working that allows the individual to carry out family activities, hobbies or even a short holiday. This doesn’t have to be routine or a regular recognition as it has more value when it isn’t expected.

Encourage their feedback. By providing quarterly surveys allows employees to openly share their feedback anonymously without having to be directly pointed out. This survey should ask them how they feel, any ways to improve, what the organisation is doing well and if there are any ways to create a better working environment. This then allows management to know and understand any issues that they might not know about and find ways to improve them.

Office events. Organisation events are a good way when team-building activities are needed. This allows all employees to feel part of the team and believe strongly in the trust of the organisation. By creating a positive, fun and flexible workplace, employees can appreciate management trust them to get the work done and to feel needed within the organisations team.