How it works

Provide your contractors with market leading perks and benefits


benefits to support and show value to contractors


your contractor’s money on everyday spend


your Contractor Value Proposition

Getting Started With Remus Rewards

Step 1

Agency or Umbrella provider joins Remus

Agency/Umbrella company joins Remus Rewards as our client and is provided with a benefits platform branded in their corporate identity.

Step 2

Working together

Our clients have full access to an account manager, full onsite training for internal agency staff and a customer support hotline for any support queries.

Step 3

Scheme launches

All contractors are sent a welcome email which is branded in line with the client’s corporate identity.

Step 4

Contractors begin to login

Contractors and Agency staff can login to redeem the offers at hundreds of cashback retail partners on our platform.

Step 5

Pay-As-You-Pay – It’s simple!

Clients provide Remus Rewards with their weekly/monthly payroll figure. This number is what each client will be charged for, NOT the total number of contractors our client has registered for benefits.

Step 6

Success is key

Clients receive monthly MI providing an insight into the success of the scheme.

Step 7

Get the word out

Contractors receive bi-weekly offer emails, which are branded to the client’s corporate branding requirements.

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