Christmas and Seasonal Perks!

Christmas and Seasonal Perks!

With Christmas and the festive season fast approaching, in this blog we are going to take a quick look at the essentials that are required to get in place at this time of year, to help ensure you can drive engagement with your voluntary benefits service, and what you should be capitalising on, if you’re not doing so already.

This is an obvious one and the perfect place to start, but your employees will spend lots of money at this time of year so you should promote the many ways they can benefit from using your discounts site, from doing the big Christmas food shop, giving gift cards as presents, buying children’s presents and getting cashback on big ticket items such as home electricals like a new TV or the latest games console. The key value is very much ensuring that your communications gives the core message that using the latest Advantage reward and benefits site to buy presents, will save you money.

There’s a strong message which we can all harness here and your organisation will no doubt be communicating its own messages, events, and festive activities. With each of these, why not add a footnote to everything about spending whilst using your benefits platform site. For example, if you’re holding a Secret Santa event why not encourage users to get their presents from the site or if you’re holding your annual Christmas meal, why not consider the many restaurants that are available for cashback on rewards? All you’re doing is simply applying the Christmas message for your benefits platform, which is such a powerful one at this time of year, and one that will surely be appreciated by your employee’s given how expensive this season has become.

With the present and ever growing list of E-Codes also on offer, if will make last minute gift buying easier for those leaving it late, simply order the code inside the store that we have as an offer, and that will be sent to you in an instant to make use of straight away when you make that purchase, so there is really no excuses to not try and make some savings!

After checking your bank statements and counting the cost of Christmas, it should not all be outgoings from your account, and with the correct consideration and approach of the above points raised, it should be ideal to use this time of year to both yours and your employee’s advantage. Encourage your employees to engage with your voluntary benefits site and help them save money.

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