Importance of employee recognition

Importance of employee recognition One of the biggest motivators for employees is to be held in high esteem by their peers. The best way of earning this respect is by being acknowledged for being good at what they do. At the end of the day,...


Managing Diversity and Equality at work

Managing Diversity and Equality at work   Diversity is commonly used to describe the differences between people. Promoting and supporting diversity within a workplace provides an important aspect of people management, valuing everyone in an organisation as individuals. “Diversity presents great opportunity for organisations to innovate and to...


Thought and Leadership Piece, Modern Slavery

According to recent statistics there are 21 million people around the world trapped in some form of modern slavery by being forced to complete labour with either poor working conditions or very little or no pay. The term “Modern Slavery,” is used to describe various...


Health & Wellebing

For years, employees are expecting more and more from their workplace. Whether that being additional holidays; to bigger and better employee benefits. Through the evolution of society, an employee’s needs have become far greater than first thought. With additional daily stress to deal with like the...


1st Stop Recruitment chooses Remus Rewards

1st Stop Recruitment has chosen Remus Rewards to supply their internal staff and temps with a range of market leading perks and benefits. Since 2001, 1st Stop Recruitment has been providing unrivalled recruitment services in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. Their diverse selection of candidates and membership...


Remus Rewards cuts costs with The Fuelcard People

Remus Rewards has chosen The Fuelcard People as its strategic fuel cards partner. Remus Rewards member organisations now have access to discount diesel and petrol from thousands of locations throughout the UK. Chris Chambers, Managing Director – Remus Rewards, said, “We wanted to find a supplier...


BTME Exhibition

Last month the team at Golfing Rewards exhibited at the BTME exhibition in Harrogate. When speaking with people at the event and listening to the many speakers it became obvious that change was in the air. The golfing industry needs to attract younger players and...


PeopleValue Acquire Remus Rewards

People Value Limited (PeopleValue), a leading provider of motivation and employee engagement solutions serving companies in the UK and Europe, have acquired Remus Rewards. Remus Rewards is one of the UK’s leading providers of reward and loyalty solutions to the contractor, sporting and education markets. Remus...


Contractor Fuel Savings Card

BP Plus Fuel Card guarantees low prices by giving contractors access to the wholesale price for unleaded and diesel fuel at all BP service stations across the UK.
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