Boost staff engagement with Social Recognition on #EmployeeAppreciationDay

Boost staff engagement with Social Recognition on #EmployeeAppreciationDay

Boost staff engagement with Social Recognition on #EmployeeAppreciationDay.

We all love getting “likes” and kudos on our favourite social media platforms, now you can harness that feel good factor for the benefit of your employees and your business!

This Friday (2nd March) is National Employee Appreciation Day (#EmployeeAppreciationDay), a great excuse to make a special effort to recognise your colleagues’ efforts and show just how much you appreciate them.

And it’s certainly worthwhile for your business.

The figures speak for themselves – 90% of employees said that recognition motivates them to do a better job. Research shows that regular recognition boosts employee engagement by 15%, which can lead to a 2% increase in operating margin in just a year ( and Based on those figures alone, it’s certainly something worth exploring further.

Real time Recognition 

There are many more benefits to be had from developing a culture where employees are valued and appreciated. The ability to give feedback and recognition in the moment (in real time) links very well with social media culture, giving staff a “high”, and linking positive behaviours to stated corporate values. This demonstrates business integrity as staff live the values, which in turn helps to attract talent – 64% of workers said that they would leave their job to work for a company that clearly recognised staff ( and

So, good intentions are all very well, but how do you actually put all that into practice?

By implementing a reward and recognition platform, like our eReward platform, people can recognise others in the business, either on a peer to peer basis and/or by enabling and encouraging managers to recognise members of their team. The person giving the recognition simply writes a message to say what their colleague did and why they are recognising them, linked to a company value.  An eCard is then sent to the recipient and their manager is notified and the instance of recognition can be posted on the company social wall. Other staff are then able to comment, like and share the post, just as they would on social media. A simple yet highly effective means of bringing your company’s culture to life.

As a next step, instances of recognition can in turn be linked to rewards.  Within our eReward platform, rewards are delivered via a simple points based currency, whereby points can be redeemed against a range of over 25,000 options. Having a wide choice of inspirational rewards available is key in ensuring rewarded employees can chose a reward that fits their own personal desires. Empirical evidence shows that a non-cash reward has a much higher impact on employee engagement than cash. Providing personal recognition and empowering people to select their own reward treats them as individuals, making the rewards all the more meaningful and powerful.

Boosting Employee Engagement

Cultivating a strong social recognition culture within your business, based on a platform that gives structure and measurement, supports the four enablers of Employee Engagement (Engage for Success) which are:

Strategic Narrative – where the organisation has come from and where it is going, clearly communicated by visible and empowering leadership.

Engaged Managers – that focus on their people, treat people as individuals and coach and stretch their people.

Employee Voice – encouraging staff to speak out across the organisation, fostering dialogue between business functions and with external third parties, so that employees are central to solutions.

Organisational Integrity – where staff and managers live and breathe the corporate values, so that there is no ‘say-do’ gap.

The stakes are high

We all love to get positive feedback, a note of thanks, or a pat on the back.  In short, we like to be appreciated.  Even better, we like everyone else to know that we are appreciated. Using a platform like eReward provides a simple mechanism to enable appreciation and recognition socially and makes everything tangible and importantly, measurable. In addition, an improvement in employee engagement pays dividends in terms of productivity, and generally encouraging your people to go the extra mile to do a great job, and provide great customer service.

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