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5G is coming – but not quite as fast as we thought

5G, or 5th generation cellular technology, has been held up as the holy grail of mobile communications. Offering more than just increased speed – although it will typically deliver over 200 mbps (megabytes per second) compared to 60 mbps for 4G – the other benefits include...

face to face client visits

To visit or not to visit, that is the question

Recent events have had a profound impact on businesses right across the globe. We’ve never experienced anything so far-reaching in its influence in our lifetimes. But even the effects of pandemics eventually ease, and businesses are now focusing on the future, planning how they will operate...

Cloud computing

I wandered lonely as a cloud

Roll the clock back about 15 years, and the only cloud we had heard of was the type Wordsworth was referring to. Now we have public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud. You could be forgiven for feeling the whole cloud picture is getting a...

What will the SME market look like post Covid-19?

What will the SME market look like post Covid-19?

Back in January, the future seemed rosy for the country’s SMEs. The economy was looking strong, and the country had just elected a majority government. Brexit worries still weighed heavy for some, but at least the uncertainty it brought appeared to have an end in sight. Enter...

Is there a treatment for coronaphobia?

Is there a treatment for Coronaphobia?

With the COVID-19 lockdown costing the country £2 billion a day, we can only imagine the discussions going on behind the closed doors of Westminster as the government grapples with how to get the country back to work. You’d be mistaken for believing that we are...

All work and no play - work from home

All work and no play……..

We’re living through unprecedented times at the moment. Whilst the trend towards allowing people to work from home was already well and truly underway, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a rocket launcher under it. With hundreds of thousands of workers now working from their ‘home...

How to manage remotely – with 24 hours’ notice

How to manage remotely – with 24 hours’ notice

As we write, the UK is under lockdown. This was no planned, phased move with due diligence at every step. Instead, managers have, literally overnight, had to adjust to managing their teams remotely as all but essential key workers are ordered to work from home...

Hackers love all the working from home

The internet era and progress in technology has made it simple for many of us to carry out our regular duties from the comfort of our couch. However, this luxury comes with its downsides, mainly by way of online security threats. Not only can you put your...


You can’t follow the same recipe year on year if you want to successfully engage your employees. Businesses develop and employees’ interests and expectations change. You therefore need to continually adapt your employee engagement strategy to keep up with the latest trends, concepts and techniques...

Contractor Fuel Savings Card

BP Plus Fuel Card guarantees low prices by giving contractors access to the wholesale price for unleaded and diesel fuel at all BP service stations across the UK.
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