Black Friday 2016

Black Friday 2016

This Friday, the 25th November will bring the much anticipated Black Friday sales, the biggest shopping day of the year. In this blog, we are going to explore how best to make the most of this year’s event and how you can prepare for it as both a customer and employer to market to your employee base.

The Black Friday sales start in under a week, however for most retailers, Black Friday isn’t a one-day event. Many companies such as Amazon are starting their discounts days or even weeks ahead of the big day, so if you don’t fancy venturing into your local supermarket or nearest town/city and fighting the crowds, then try and snap up some bargains from the comfort of your home online.

As a consumer, it is better to prepare for this day to make the most of the deals that you want and make the most of the limited time that these may be available. Follow your favourite retailers online via social media, you’ll be sure to see important updates over the course of the week leading to the day itself, and is a good idea to bookmark the retailers Black Friday page to serve as reminder to check before you make that purchase elsewhere to see if you can get a better deal. Remember also to stay focused on what you want to stop any unnecessary spending.

When it comes to employers making their employee’s aware, you don’t need a lot of information in your Black Friday emails to convey a message, just a range of the more well-known retailers that people will use that are on the Reward site, and as per my last blog, opposed to going for a text heavy approach, use a simple info-graphic highlighting the best deals and savings to be made.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your marketing. If it suits your brand, experiment with unique subject lines for your emails and use engaging images, but don’t diverge from your original messaging or style.

Remember to allow time for the employee to order any re-loadable cards and vouchers, so you will want to market Black Friday at least a week prior in email campaigning, which will give time for the cards/vouchers to arrive and the cards loaded with a balance to use on the day.

With the introduction of e-codes and online offers available, this will allow for that last minute impromptu approach if you are pushed for time or leaving it late for 11th hour deals and offers.

In conclusion, there should be something for everyone this Friday, whether it’s a big home electrical purchase, children’s toys, the latest tech and gadgets, or general gift buying for Christmas, so ensure you make the most of it, both employees and employers alike.

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